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Cemeteries In Assyria Township


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                                            CEMETERY MONUMENT FOUNDATIONS                           

                                   RESOLUTION OF THE ASSYRIA TOWNSHIP BOARD.

                                                              05 June 2006

All foundation work shall be done when the ground is free from frost and not during freezing weather.


·  Assyria Cemetery Section 22, Assyria Road/M-66 Bellevue

·  Bell Cemetery Section 26, Wing Road, Bellevue

·  Ellis Cemetery Section 9, Lacey Road/County Road 412, Bellevue

·  Checkered Cemetery Section 31, off Woods Rd, Battle Creek (INACTIVE)

Union Cemetery at the corner of North Ave. and Butler Road is also available to Assyria residents.  Contact the Maple Grove Township Sexton at (517) 852-0872.

Assyria Township Cemetery Ordinance

An ordinance to protect the public health, safety and general welfare by establishing regulations relating to the operation, control, and management of cemeteries owned by the Township of Assyria, Barry County, Michigan; and to repeal all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict therewith.

The Township of Assyria, County of Barry, Michigan ordains:

Section 1: Title
This ordinance shall be known and cited as the Assyria Township Cemetery Ordinance.

Section 2: Definitions of cemetery lots and burial spaces
A. A cemetery lot shall consist of burial spaces sufficient to accommodate five adult burial spaces. An adult burial is any burial that involves a burial box greater than four (4) feet in length.
B. A stillborn, infant or child burial space consists of land three (3) feet wide and four (4) feet long. A stillborn, infant or child burial is any burial that involves a burial box less than four (4) feet in length.
C. A cremains burial space consists of land three (3) feet wide and four (4) feet long. A cremains burial is the burial of ashes of a cremated body.
D. One adult burial space will hold
a) One (1) adult burial or;
b) One (1) adult burial and one cremain burial or;
c) Up to two (2) stillborn, infant or child burials or;
d) Four (4) cremain burials

Section 3: Sale of lots or burial spaces
A. Hereafter, cemetery lots of burial spaces shall be sold only to residents or taxpayers of the township for the purpose of the burial of such purchaser or designates of purchaser. No sale shall be made to funeral directors or anyone who plans to resell the space. The township clerk has the authority to suspend restrictions on sales on a per case basis if special circumstances are involved. For example, a clerk may allow a non-resident to purchase burial space if the person once lived in the township or has relatives in the cemetery.
B. All sales shall be recorded on a form approved by the township board, which grants a right to burial only and does not convey any other title to the lot or burial space sold. Such form shall be executed by the township clerk.
C. Burial rights may only be transferred to people eligible to be original purchasers of burial spaces or lots. Burial rights may only be changed if the township clerk assigns a new burial permit to replace an original, endorses the new permit and officially records the transaction. At this time, the clerk should issue the new permit to the assignee and cancel the original permit.
D. No more than on burial lot (five (5) spaces) may be purchased by an individual. An exception to this restriction must be granted by the township board.

Section 4: Reservation price and transfer fees
A. Each adult burial space shall be reserved for the sum of $10.00 per space for resident, non-resident cannot obtain burial spaces.
B. Any transfer of one or more burial spaces from an original purchaser to a qualified assignee shall cost $10.00
C. The township board, by resolution, may periodically alter the foregoing fees to accommodate increased cemetery maintenance and acquisition costs.

Section 5: Grave opening charges
A. The opening and closing of any burial space, prior to and following a burial, including the interment of ashes, shall be at a cost to be determined from time to time by resolution of the township board.
B. No burial spaces shall be opened and closed except under the direction and control of the cemetery sexton.

Section 6: Interment, Disinterment and Reinterment Regulations
A. Not less than 48 hours advance notice shall be given to allow for the opening of the burial space.
B. Funeral home, family member or other designate shall notify township clerk that a person with burial rights in the township cemetery has died.
C. Township clerk or sexton shall develop interment order to be signed by funeral director or family member verifying burial space.
D. Only human remains may be interred in any lot of the cemetery.
E. In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances beyond control, burial will be scheduled as soon as possible as determined by Clerk and/or Sexton

Section 7: Cemetery maintenance and care
A. No grading, leveling, or excavating upon a burial space shall be allowed without permission from the cemetery sexton or the township clerk.
B. No flowers, shrubs, trees or vegetation of any type may be planted without the approval of the cemetery sexton or the township clerk. Any of these items planted without approval may be removed.
C. The township board reserves the right to remove or trim any tree, plant or shrub located within the cemetery in the interest of maintaining proper appearance and use of the cemetery.
D. Mounds which hinder the free use of a lawn mower or other lawn care device are prohibited.
E. Surfaces other than earth or sod are prohibited.

Section 8: Forfeiture of vacant cemetery burial spaces or lots.
Cemetery lots or burial spaces sold after the effective date of the ordinance and remaining vacant 40 years from the date of their sale shall automatically revert to the township upon occurrence of the following events.
A. Notice shall be sent by the township clerk by first class mail to the last owner of record informing him or her of the expiration of the 40 year period and that all rights with respect to said lots or spaces will be forfeited if not affirmatively indicated in writing to the township clerk within 60 days from the date of notice mailing.
B. If no written response to said notice indicating a desire to retain the cemetery lots or burial spaces in question is received by the township clerk from the last owner of record of said lots or spaces, or heirs or legal representative, within 60 days from the date of mailing of said notice, the burial spaces revert to the township.

Section 9: Repurchase of lots or burial spaces.
The township will repurchase any cemetery lots or burial space from the owner for the original price paid the township upon request of said owner, heir or legal representative.

Section 10: Records
The township clerk and sexton shall maintain records concerning all burials and issuance of burial permits.

Section 11: General Regulations
A. The cemetery shall be open to the general public during daylight hours.
B. No person shall injure, deface or destroy any burial space, marker, monument, building, fence, flower, tree shrub or other item in the cemetery.
C. Alcohol is not permitted in the cemetery
D. No firearms are allowed in the cemetery, except in the case of military funerals or ceremonies by official veteran’s organizations.

Section 12: Severability
The provisions of the within ordinance are hereby declared to be severable and should any provision, section or part thereof be declared invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall only affect the particular provision, section or part thereof involved in such ordinance. Other portions of the ordinance shall continue in full force and effect. This ordinance is subject to amending as needed.