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                                                                                                     Assyria Township Board

                                                                                   e-mail us at 


                        Supervisor :  Mike P. Timmons--,    (269) 963-3538 

                         MAIL:  Assyria Township Supervisor, 7415 Wolf Road, Bellevue, MI  49021

                            Clerk:  Annette Terry  269-967-8032

                                 MAIL, Voter, election & cemetery info:  Assyria Township  Clerk, PO Box 211, Bellevue, MI  49021

                                     Treasurer : Terry Ryder-Stephens  269-339-9569

                                          MAIL, Tax payments & info:      Assyria Township

                                               Trustee :  James D. Miller--,   (269) 758-3410

                                                  Trustee:   :Eugene Waterbury -- (269) 758-3093

                                                               Assessor :  Dennis McKelvey—(269) 838-8975          

                                                                   MAIL:  Assyria Township Assessor, 7580 Usborn Road, Freeport, MI  49325

                     BURN PERMIT  269-763-3262

                       SEXTON:   Contact the township Clerk


PROPERTY APPRAISAL CARDS                              

Pursuant to MCL 211.11a,  Assyria Township assessment rolls and appraisal cards may be inspected and copied during customary business hours by appointment.  Appointments may be made by calling the Township Assessor at (269) 838-8975